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On Sunday 17 July, in the evocative setting of scents and flavours of the Hic et Nunc winery, you can enjoy a unique experience.

At the Vignale in Danza event, wine will meet art, dance, music and culture along a route marked by five stops inside the winery.


A tour of the winery
Multi-sensory concert "La via delle Vigne"
Tasting of 5 Hic et Nunc wines


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Guided tour of the “transparent” Hic et Nunc winery in the midst of the vineyards

Tasting of three Hic et Nunc wines combined with 5 artistic activities:

Wines in the tasting:

  • Pandemonio
  • Monolite
  • Grignolino
  • Femminile singolare
  • Monumento
1h 30 minutes
17th July 2022
Price per person


The experience offers an itinerant dialogue between different artistic forms, paired with five wines for tasting.

concerto multisensoriale in cantina


The sensory conversation will open on the winery’s panoramic terrace, where a painter will devote herself to her art surrounded by the landscape of the Monferrato hills.

We will immediately give you a taste of our world with the tasting of a glass of Pandemonio, our 100% Barbera-based sparkling wine served with a Dop muletta flower with dehydrated apricot.

A gentle and light welcome, like the perlage of the wine.


From the terrace you will move to the production area, where fermentation takes place.

Here, surrounded by the tanks, you will enjoy the magic of the sound of the harp, whose enchantment will be amplified by the architectural structure.

In this area you will taste Monolite, our Cortese DOC. A rich wine, well balanced between fruit and freshness, which, accompanied by the balanced flavour of the lean cow’s tomino with mandarin jam, will excite.


The event will move to the heart of the winery: to the barrique cellar, the most sacred place, where we refine our most important wines. In this space, a performance that fuses acting and dance will come to life.

It is here that the king of Monferrato wines, Grignolino, will be tasted.

Altromondo, is a wine that expresses the highest expression of territoriality, elegance and valorisation of the vine. Accompaniment with traditional Piedmontese Russian salad will enhance the wine’s tannic texture and enrich its unmistakable fruity notes.



We will move along the outdoor promenade until we reach an exclusive room overlooking the barrique cellar, where a group of dancers will perform an enthralling performance.

The sinuosity of the dance can only be accompanied by Femminile Singolare, our Barbera Classica, whose name is an affectionate homage to this great lady of Piedmontese wines. An elegant and enveloping red, which will be served with small morsels of knife-beaten raw Fassona meat served with Holtzofer flakes.


The experience ends in the tasting room, a space from which you can admire each of the places that hosted the previous stages. Surrounded by bottles of wine, you will be greeted by the concluding dance celebrating the profound connection between art, nature and human ingenuity.

As a final tasting we will offer you an important wine, a natural expression of the territory and representative of the Cantina Hic et Nunc’s vision. Monumento is our Barbera del Monferrato Superiore DOCG, fruit of the oldest vineyards that give life to a wine naturally produced in small quantities, balanced and long-lived, whose intensity is enhanced by a great traditional Piedmontese dish: boiled veal tongue with Piedmontese green Bagnet.

This will end an experiential journey full of flavours, fragrances and images, which will leave a trace in your soul and invite you to further discover the productions of these places and the Cantina Hic et Nunc.

The experience is scheduled for Sunday 17 July.
Reservations are required to participate.
In the event of health reasons or established impediments, communicated in good time, it is possible to obtain a voucher to spend on the Hic et Nunc e-commerce or, alternatively, a refund.


A new vision of Monferrato

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to give or give yourself
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